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Raising Money and Funding Methods

Raising Money & Funding Methods (JSI009)

Overview: Once ideas are validated, the next step is to raise money; incubators & accelerators are one of the best answer for this stage. In this workshop participants will learn about the different funding methods, how to apply to local incubators, understand the risk and advantages of being part of an accelerator, and also understand …

Storytelling & Pitching

Storytelling & Pitching (JSI008)

Overview: This workshops is about telling the story of your business and engage audience. Participants will learn how to speak in front of audience with confidence and tell an engaging pitch that everyone can understand. Also, participants will learn how to deal with different kind of audience, how to answer questions and finally how to …

Resources and Productivity

Resources and Productivity (JSI007)

Overview: The goal of this module is to help participants get a notion of the vast tools and platforms that are available on the internet. Topics covered in this workshop include: Learning how to search for tools (Photo editing, create surveys..) Finding & choosing a freelancer online Best practices to use Analytics platforms

The Startup Journey Innovation to Growth

The Startup Journey: Innovation to Growth (JSI006)

Overview: Defining the true meaning & goal of startups, be able to differentiate between the different forms of startups, learn about the misconception of innovation and understand growth and its importance at an early stage. This module enables participants to manage expectations about the startup world and start working on their ideas.