Start Innovating Tour 2017

In May 2017, believing in knowledge sharing, the just start innovating بلش ابدع initiative was born.

We designed a workshop that encourage youth in remote areas to start innovating and take advantage of the opportunities and resources available in their local communities and we went on a 15 months bus tour running 64 workshops through which over 2000 youth ages 17-25 participated in 64 locations across the Kingdom of Jordan, north to south.

We managed to create a sustainable impact on youth mindset that attended our workshop, it was about the story, from the bus to the content shared with them during the workshop, everything was based on an authentic entrepreneurial journey, our journey, we are entrepreneurs by heart and we invested all our efforts into this opportunity & because of that, several micro-sized projects were created, some became startups, got investments and won prizes at local & international competitions.

Some of Just Start Innovating workshops in Jordan